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Home sprucing up ideas, from classic to trendy, will continue to change over the years, as will the commonly used paint colors. While you might not want to select your home’s paint color scheme based on a popularity contest, knowing the colors opted for most often by other homeowners and designers might help spur inspiration. You might want all neutrals or bold colors in every room, or a combination of different shades throughout your house. No matter your style, there is always a color that suits your preferences. Let’s look at some of the most popular colors to select from so as to get your creative juices flowing.


Beige is a great color choice for homeowners that just want a hint of color without overwhelming the space. Although you might not find as much variation in beige colors as you will in blues and grays, there is still a range from which to select. For instance, a darker beige shade might have more hints of brown, while a pale hue could have peachy undertones. Either way, beige is certain to warm up a room and complement the décor and furnishings.


From navy blues for dens with high ceilings and white trim to pale blues for entryways or nurseries, there is always a blue shade that can suit your preferences. However, selecting the right blue shades for your home can prove a difficult thing since the available blues are as varied as they come. All the same, blue hues can make a big difference to any room in a home.


This home’s paint color is the new white. A homeowner who preferred little-to-no color or neutrals would settle for white paint. Nowadays there is an incredible variety of gray.  In this case, there are grays that actually are almost white, but with just a little warmth and depth than a true white. On the other end of the color, spectrum are deep or light charcoal grays that add outstanding attractiveness to an office or even a home. From green-grays to blue-grays and everything in between, gray is the most popular neutral today.

Selecting the best paint sheen for your rooms

Interior painting in Naples, FL can be a daunting undertaking even to the most decisive person. And as if selecting the colors is not a heavy enough undertaking, you also need to decide just how shiny you want that perfect shade of gray in your rooms to be. Each paint brand has its own name for each grade of sheen.

This being the case, here are some selection basics that hopefully will take away some bit of that anxiety when it comes to choosing sheen, from flat to a high gloss for your walls.

Matte or flat

Matte paints are a great choice for rooms that experience less traffic. Walls that are painted in a flat sheen are more challenging to clean. As such, matte is not the ideal sheen for your kid’s playroom, or bedroom, or even kitchen. On the other hand, matte paints can be a great choice for your ceilings.

Satin or eggshell

Satin is probably the best sheen you can ever select for your interior painting. For one, this sheen makes the walls easier to clean. Unfortunately, it will show roller marks or brush more easily than flatter paint. On the other hand, the texture will be smooth and create a magnificent depth in the room.


Semi-gloss is a great choice for your cabinets, doors, trim, and the likes. It is almost as durable as high gloss and quite easy to clean. If cost is an issue, this shade will win out over sheens such as high gloss. Conversely, the more sheen you add to any given paint, the more its costs per gallon.

High gloss

Unfortunately, high gloss paints are not the best choices for your interior walls. High gloss finishes are quite easy to clean, making them a perfect choice for doors, kitchen cabinets, trim, etc. Utilizing high gloss paints is recommended where many hands will be touching all the different surfaces.

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